About Us

Contemporary Art Space, Batumi

 The idea to set up the Contemporary Art Space came along in 2011. It was established by local artists – photographs, painters and film directors. The first experimental exhibition was held in 2012 with the support of the Ministry of education, Culture and Sport of Ajara and the city municipality. Among the participants were photographers, painters, sculptors and lightning masters. The theatrical performance was part of the event too.
Great interest and activity from the visitors’ part was the reason why the idea of the Contemporary Art Space came into being. Then, after permanent meetings and consultations with the Ministry of education, Culture and Sport of Ajara the need to set up the Art Space was put forward. The mission was identified, the team was formed and exhibition line-up was outlined. Eventually, the Contemporary Art Space was established in 2014 under the Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Ajara. The budget was drawn up. The space has officially been operating since 8 September, 2014. The Contemporary Art Space hosts 15 exhibitions, 20 master-classes and 1 international photo festival a year. A weekly cinema club and art hour for children are also organized here.
Since 2015, a Café “Conte” has been the most popular for gathering point for artists and art lovers.