The mission of Contemporary Art Space is to support and develop contemporary art and other cultural fields by working with Creative Cultural Institutes (CCls) within the Adjara region; to initiate and assist the cross-sectoral international cooperation and creative exchange; and to support artistic expression and capacity building. To maintain the operational and program cost CAS Batumi receives annual funding from the MECS in the form of a subsidy. In addition, it receives extra funding for various projects from a private partnership and within the grant applications.
CAS engages with the local community and wider audience by implementing projects in close cooperation with local businesses, the public sector, and civil society. It plays an intermediate role between the government and the private sector. Main activities of applicant:
The projects developed and supported by Contemporary Art Space (CAS) reflect existing challenges and trends in the field with a special focus on quality artistic expression, skills development, and capacity building. It organises and implements international and local projects through open calls, partners with other organizations and institutions to promote local artists, and assists their participation in exchange programs on local and international levels.
CAS develops educational projects to meet the needs of the local community providing practical vocational learning possibilities, like workshops, training, and other activities to improve their professional skills and make them more productive, engaged and employable.
Since its establishment in 2014, CAS has implemented more than 100 different international and local projects. Among them are Batumi Photo Days established in 2015 as an annual platform for photography. In 2020 it transformed into the festival INTERCHANGE – the platform supports the cooperation between international and local visual and performing artists, writers.