PhotoDays 2015


 140 years of existence of photography witnessed many changes in the process of image perception; its role, capabilities, and place in the social and cultural environment changed. If photography appeared as a fact depicted on paper, as depiction of reality and objectivity of the surrounding world (the photographer took the position of a craftsman who skillfully and qualitatively did his job), nowadays photography has become one of the main manipulation mechanisms due to montage, new media technologies, visual ideology and propaganda.
Year 2014 has shown that, despite existence of new media technologies and the Internet, during a sociopolitical crisis a state still gets into informational vacuum. Ukraine is a bright example..
The topic of the first festival – History / Manipulation – is an attempt to study how a visual image can create a new interpretation of historic events.For more pictures please see the link: list of exhibitions held in Batumi:

1. Arab Image Foundation –
2. Kharkov School of Photography (
3. World Press Photo ( “Double_Heros” Andrei Liankevich)
4. Tbilisi Photo Festival Nestan Nijaradze, Guram Tsibakhashvili
5. Eastreet photography festival, Street Photography from Eastern Europe, Lublin, Poland (Poland )
6. 5 Nights of photography (Georgia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, USA, Germany, France, Great Britain.)

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PhotoDays 2015
PhotoDays 2015