PhotoDays 2016


 The unifying theme of the 2016 festival is “area // space”. The topic of the area and space can be explained in different ways, it may carry a personal, social or political character. Every territory has a certain boundary on the agreed or signed political map, but are those borders unifying all, are these boundaries a good margin for all?
During 10-14 September, in Batumi exhibition spaces, namely: Gallery of TBC Bank, Adjara State Museum, Contemporary Art Space, will hold 3 exhibitions, 3 Master Classes, 3 Night Photography and 2 Presentations.
Famous Polish, Palestinian and South Korean photographers Tomas Lazar, Alan Chibby and Keng Juk will be the main guests of the festival. In parallel to exhibitions, they will arrange master-classes for interested people.
The masterclass themes include street photography, the technical side of the shooting, public spaces.
The festival also featured Iranian photography night screening and lecture by a well-known Iranian photographer Ali Akbar Shirjian.
In addition to the foreign section, the festival will also exhibit 19th-20th-century Georgian photographer Shalva Alkhanaidze’s family archive “Memories in the Glass”.
The festival has opened on the September 10th at the TBC Bank Gallery with the main exhibition “area // space”. 30 foreign and Georgian authors have been selected from more than 200 judges through the competition.For more pictures please see the link:


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