PhotoDays 2018

ფოტოდღეები 2018 / PHOTODAYS 2018

 The Photo Days has started its history in 2016 under the mane of Odesa//Batumi Photo Days, and was established in as an event united two places Odesa (Ukraine) and Batumi (Georgia), the common team of organizers elaborated themes and concept as well as invited speakers, exhibitions and participants for both parts in spring in Odesa and autumn in Batumi.
During this period, both parts have been developed and transformed according to the needs and interests of their countries that actually showed different perspectives in each place. Therefore, the organizers came up with an idea to separate two parts in order to provide more diversity and better reference to the local needs.
Meanwhile, 2018 will be the first year when the event will be held under different themes and forms, but in a way reflect and contributing each other a lot.


 Meanwhile, 2018 will be the first year when the event will be held under different themes and forms, but in a way reflect and contributing each other a lot.


ფოტოდღეები 2018 / PHOTODAYS 2018 – se@ experience

Way of participation in Se@ Experience
Ways of participation in Photo Lab

se@ experience concept based on the ability to see differently, experience deeply, sea as a symbol of substance, environment, or your personal horizon. Experience is always individual, but always shared with the public, and when it meets the common values, it has an expected impact and result.
The Photo Days aim to experiment, find a new form of expression, and help you to share your personal professional experience. You will be able to place your statement and one image on a bench along the boulevard at Batumi Black Sea coast. Each image and statement should be sent to Batumi Photo Days email address. Only 40 participants will be selected to take part in a main show, one mage along with a statement will be chosen from each selected artist.
This exhibition has a form of installation based on the conceptual photographic image, and aims to provide a new public platform for the international art community. The exhibition is dedicated to individuals that affected and changed the history and those who will be in future. Remembering that one word, a small image has a power to change a lot.
In parallel to the main exhibition, three more exhibitions will be held within the frame of Photo Days, two at Contemporary Art Space Batumi accompanied book presentations, and one show at Adjara Art Museum’s gallery.
As well, three night screenings of Georgian, Polish and other outstanding examples of international photography will take place.
On the second day of the Photo Days, Photo Project Lab will take place, only for selected participants. Up to 30 professionals will be able to develop their project ideas, with a help of professional mentors. As a result, winner, selected by the invited jury, will receive a possibility of the project realization in 2019, within the frame of Contemporary Art Space Batumi.
Along with the main program, the opening and closing ceremonies will offer participants and visitors outstanding nights, accompanied by the Georgian electronic music.



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Batumi Photo Day format is focused on creating an artistic platform that provides a possibly in a short period of time experience, exchange and improves new emotions and professional skills. It aims to focus on a small but professional scale. To create a unique alternative platform for artistic practice and future development .



 Organizers aim to achieve an inspirational process and future collaboration with participants that could be developed to an artistic, or documentary photo projects, and later be implemented, within the contemporary Art Space Batumi, as well as, create completely new experiments and cross-sectoral collaboration.
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