InterChange 2020

InterChange 2020

INTERCHANGE is a new name for the Batumi Photo-Daysfestival that is an annual event and takes place in a harbor city of Batumi on the shores of the Black Sea Georgia. The history of the event goes back to 2015, it was born due to a common effort of the Georgian and Ukrainian team and first was named Odessa//Batumi Photo Daysthat was implemented annually in Odessa and in Batumi. As a result of long cooperation and different need in each country organizers have separated events and since 2018, the Georgian event was named Batumi Photo Days. Main organizer of the event in Georgia is Contemporary Art Space, Batumi.

Within these two years the event attracted not only photographers and visual artist, but writers and musicians, therefore from 2020 the organizers decided to widen its scope and name provide a platform for sectoral cooperation and named it INTERCHANGE.

The INTERCHANGE main part will take place on June 5-7, 2020 but the exhibitions will last till the end of July.

The combination of the cross-sectoral projects will be presented within the frame of the festival through exhibitions, presentations and discussion with artists’ curators and writers from various parts of the world, along with the educational programme and residences.

The theme of the event is the FRAGILE a concept that addresses the global issues such as a climate change, and human rights. These subjects never stop challenge people out though centuries, and eventually, we are at the critical point where the wise decisions should be made.

Main theme FRAGILE itself combines three sub-themes – directions: HUMAN, STATE and NATURE. These directions reflect the relationship to the topic FRAGILE in their dimensions. The competition for the main exhibition is dedicated to the theme FRAGILE, and aims to brings collaborative works of visual artist and writers; those who are working in a multimedia field with texts and visual images.

  • Each project could be a collaboration between an author and photographer or visual artist or an individual proposal, if the author works in both medias.
  • The artist and writers willing to submit their proposals, should have an experience working in fields of visual art and literature and have a strong statement within their proposals, that must include the concept and visual examples of the works;
  • Main selection criteria are the relevance to the subject and the artistic quality of the project.
  • Selected participants’ works will be designed and printed by festival team under the close coordination of the author.
  • The exhibition will be an outdoor event, will be open on June 7th 2020 and will last for a month period. 
  • Due to an outdoor specific of the exhibition prints will be on banners and all same sizes, each project will have one or two banners depending on the project.  After the exhibition al banners will be recycled.
  • Deadline for submission is March 30.2020 6pm GT
  • Participants must submit all necessary documents required within the application form, uncompleted applications won’t be reviewed.
  • The invited board completed of professionals including writers, publishers, visual artist and curators will review the applications and final results will be announced within a week of the deadline.

Willing to participate in the competition should submit their proposals via following goggle form:

For further questions please contact our team: