PhotoDays 2019

ფოტოდღეები 2019 / PHOTODAYS 2019

The Photo Days has started its history in 2016 under the mane of Odesa//Batumi Photo Days, and was established in as an event united two places Odesa (Ukraine) and Batumi (Georgia), the common team of organizers elaborated themes and concept as well as invited speakers, exhibitions and participants for both parts in spring in Odesa and autumn in Batumi.
During this period, both parts have been developed and transformed according to the needs and interests of their countries that actually showed different perspectives in each place. Therefore, the organizers came up with an idea to separate two parts in order to provide more diversity and better reference to the local needs.

This year Batumi Photodays 2019 will be held for the second time as a separate festival in Batumi from August 30 to September 1. The name will be Mirror Land (exhibition in contemporary art space will last until September 25). The Festival aims at creating an artistic platform that provides short-term experience, exchange and improving new emotions and professional skills, and also focusing on small but professional scales. At the same time, it creates a unique alternate platform for artistic practice and future development.

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